Download and Install Pontes Backgammon

To play Pontes Backgammon, first of all you must download the installing package clicking the next link:
Download Pontes Backgammon, version 1.6.1 (released on 6 January 2016 - 13,9 MB)
What's New in 1.6.1

After the download process is finished, run the "Pontes-Backgammon.exe" file. Choose Next button until finish. After pressing Finish button, the game is ready to be played.
During instalation, a webpage will be loaded automatically. You must just close the browser, this is just for us to know you've installed Pontes Backgammon.

To run the game, you can find on your desktop an icon named Pontes backgammon. In the Start Menu, All Programs, Pontes Games, there is also a group named Pontes Backgammon.
Read more information about the game in Help and Documentation section.

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